Opinion: Flock Never Stood A Chance

November 3rd, 2005

Opinion: Flock Never Stood A Chance I simply do not see the need for Flock in my set of web tools, but then again I have never used tools developed by others to perform my itch/scratch functions (translated: written my own or emulated an existing one when I needed them). I believe that Flock is a good idea but the need is too fragmented. The number of people what would want the gamut of features that Flock offers from within their browser is not enough to employ 13 people (I think) on a full time basis.

That being said, I am sure that Flock and its team has a lot of talent and good ideas going for them. I would just need to be really razzled and dazzled for me to switch to another browser besides the Fox.




  1. Kenny (3 comments.) says:

    My thoughts exactly. Well said.

  2. E-Phunk (1 comments.) says:

    Flock is pretty rough right now — editing a blog is hella janky and awkward. But the underlying idea is sound. And when it’s polished it will be very useful. To be able to edit and update blog posts in a smooth, fast text editor instead of an HTML textarea would be great for me at least. I’d give them a slim but reasonable chance to gain significant popularity.

    However, it still isn’t clear how they’re going to make money giving it away for free. I found some vague bla-bla-bla on their website on that topic, but no clear explanation.

  3. zoogies (4 comments.) says:

    You speak as though Flock is already a failed experiment…did I miss something, or is it?

    For me, I couldn’t use Flock because the developer’s version was unbearably slow. The simplest task caused a delay.

  4. Justin (2 comments.) says:

    Hmmm, I have not used Flock TOO TOO much but I have enjoyed it so far, no complaints. Seems to run fast enough and just zero problems.

  5. Alan says:

    You should check out these guys. They have a lot to say about Flock and ‘Web 2.0′ in general, which I agree with in general.

  6. Artemis (1 comments.) says:

    I had no idea what the software was, just followed a link to their site… read the first page and still didn’t know what it was (although I could tell they wanted me to test it). I had to dig around on the site to even find out what it was. If they cannot bother to tell me what it is, why I should test it for them, why it is/will be better than what I currently use within the first paragraph of the main page then I won’t bother with their software.

  7. david (7 comments.) says:

    for me, it’s simply “what’s the point?” it’s really a niche browser, and I’m not sure that too many people are going to be into it. I have firefox, why flock?

  8. Martin (2 comments.) says:

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  1. Nothing to get excited about… yet

    Despite the MSM hype, Flock doesn’t really have any features that are worth abandoning the better-supported, more stable Firefox to obtain. Since Flock is based on the 1.0.x Firefox codebase, it uses an older version of the Gecko rendering engi…

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