Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta

November 2nd, 2005
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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta: Finally!! I have used the Firefox Developers toolbar forever and could not imagine a day without it. I am just installing the IE toolbar as I write this. Since most of my professional work is destined for IE users, this can be quite the boon. I will post my thoughts on this after I have driven it around and kicked the tires for a couple of days. Thanks IE Blog




  1. Podz says:

    I get js errors reported in the popup boxes that appear – the small yellow alerts – and it wouldn’t apply css styles I had edited. So I gave up

  2. David Russell (32 comments.) says:

    Surely if you write your stuff with web standards with XHTML and CSS then IE should… oh yeah, it still doesn’t fully support CSS despite it being a 10-year old standard.

  3. will (2 comments.) says:

    One thing that jumps out at me right away is that you have to restart your entire frigging machine to get the toolbar to install! With Firefox, you have to restart the browser when installing an extension, which sucks, but isn’t as bad as having to restart completely :|

  4. Stefan (1 comments.) says:

    It’s a Firefox Developer Tools extension clone??? Even the menu items have THE SAME names and orders like the firefox extension. And yeah, it’s a beta. And yeah, it makes my over-and-over-patched IE crush.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a web designer, I need such a tool for IE, but I need one that WORKS (copied or not)…


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