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October 16th, 2005
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Submit a splog All the hoopla about “Splogs” has people taking notice. In a perfect world, I love the idea of a “spam blog blacklist” but can you imagine the headache of maintaining one of these lists? The poisoning that could happen, the existance of innocent blog posts that are being used as splogs and the inherent danger for a blogger to use such a blacklist are enormous.




  1. Darwinfish (1 comments.) says:

    what is so evil about splogs? The better ones add a bit of content that could be usefull to someone searching for it and give the splogger valuable one-way links to the site he is promoting. I see them as far less spammy than the auto-comment programs spamming the comment section on regular blogs. That can make a person’s blog almost unreadable or cause the blogger to waste time deleting the comments that have been posted.

  2. Jack (1 comments.) says:

    @DarwinFish I am hoping you are a troll, but if not: Splogs are awful because they spread lies and false testimonial. Most of them are made to either sell a spammy product, or to get someone to fill out a spammy CPA offer. Often, this is done by making up a persona, as well as making up a story about how the product miraculously cured them. They are filling the internet with nonsense and it is hard to keep away from them.


  1. Fighting the evil splog empire

    An entry on my WordPress Dashboard alerted me to a relatively new phenom in the blogging word: spam blogs or splogs for short. See this Wikipedia entry for splog.
    Fighting Splog on Google’s service has links to several other antisp…

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