$2.99 domain names from Yahoo (again)

October 11th, 2005

$2.99 domain names from Yahoo (again) A good deal for those in the market. I gots myself a couple for a few years (for some stuff that I am working on ;) ).




  1. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    Do they provide good dns management if you just buy the domain but are hosted somewhere else ? (i.e. any dns servers, set up multiple subdomains etc…)

  2. Franck Mahon (1 comments.) says:

    How did you manage to get a couple of them since there’s written “Limit one offer per customer, and one use per customer on a single account.”?

  3. Ben (4 comments.) says:

    I am not impressed. I saw their $4.98 offer two days ago, so pounced on it.. too late to realise that it was only for *new* customers, and was charged $19.90 for two years. Had I waited a couple of days, and registered a new account, I could have had two years for $5.98.


  4. Ben (4 comments.) says:

    Yes, DNS management is fine. Can be a bit slow, but as can they all. Get in while you can.

  5. Alex (1 comments.) says:

    what is all that tiny subtext about waiving the setup fee for new customers only? Do I have to buy a hosting account to get the discount? What the heck is a setup fee on a domain name anyway?

  6. Ben (4 comments.) says:

    They also have specials on their hosting at the moment, that is what the subtext is referring to. You can get the cheap domain names without hosting.

  7. Meredith (24 comments.) says:

    This is cool. Now if only I can come up with a domain name to register!

  8. Bill (3 comments.) says:

    So the “small print” only applies to the hosting offers? You can get as many domain names as you want for the $2.99 price?

  9. thomas (1 comments.) says:

    i bought a lot domains for this offer, but i gt problem 2 days later,
    10 domains disappear frm my a/c, i am still waiting them solve it,
    but i was emals them several time no response at all, lastly i need call them oversea due of me not stay in USA.

    My card now hv plenty of charged, i got no idea for which order by which domain, really sick n trouble. :(


  10. John (1 comments.) says:

    N, 9 months later, domains for less than 0.99$


  1. robotgeek says:

    Cheap Web Domains

    Yahoo is offering $2.99 domain names…here is the link to the original article. Thinking of getting one.

  2. 在Yahoo买域名只要人民币24元


  3. says:

    Yahoo! Cheap Domain Name Registration, Again

    Have you missed the previous Yahoo! domain name registration offer? Never mind. The cheap domain name registration offer is back again! You get a domain name for only USD$2.99. It is the current lowest price in the market.

  4. Yahoo Domains for 2.99

    If you have been thinking of buying a domain name, now is the time. Yahoo is currently offering domain names for $2.99/year (up to 5 years). A good deal. Much better than my deal, when I got my domain name from Yahoo a few months ago (it was …

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    In case anyone is interested, I was reading a blog that said Yahoo is offering a sweet deal on domain names! Only $2.99/year and you can sign up for up to 5 years per domain. Not a bad deal.

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    […] Weblog Tools Collection ? Blog Archive ? $2.99 domain names from …You can get the cheap domain names without hosting. … Cheap Domain names. In case anyone is interested, I was reading a blog that said Yahoo is offering a … […]

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