Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005

October 4th, 2005

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005




  1. martin (1 comments.) says:

    Although, having a good point once in a pink moon, Jakob Nielsen is way too full of himself. Some years back I started reading one of his books; but the language he uses is sooo smug and wiseguy’ish that it realy put me off.
    I agree with him that flash is the work of the devil, but it REALY wouldn’t kill him to update his site once every. I think that his point gets completely lost when he sports a site that looks like it was made ten years ago. When I look at a page like, I get a sense of credibility; people like Zeldman acctualy manage to have their content to be readable and pretty at the same time.

    I guess it is the same as taking advice about running shoes from a man i a wheelchair. I would feel much more at ease buying the shoes from a man who acctualy runs…or at least walks.

    Jakob, if you happen to read this: drop din selvfede facade. Lær at skrive noget CSS, kom ud af din hule og surf lidt rundt. Verden er IKKE din lille legeplads. Selvom jeg til tider kan være enig med nogen af tine idéer, sÃ¥ sætter du altsÃ¥ ikke noget godt eksempel. Hvis du virkelig er sÃ¥ særiøs, sÃ¥ vis verden at du ved mere om HTML end man kan sjusse sig til fra et “Lær HTML pÃ¥ 30 min.” hæfte.


  2. steven streight aka vaspers the grate (1 comments.) says:

    Jakob Nielsen is smart and a good writer. His advice is based on users observed actually interacting with web sites to perform a task or find information.

    Those who smugly attack him seem naive and uncertain.

    What actually works in practice is what he discusses. Designers often hate to hear that there precious little doodad is confusing to users, or is a clumsy solution to a problem.

    Bad web site and blog design is very common. Reading Nielsen’s books and alertboxes is a good way to gain insights to improve the usability and user satisfaction with your blog or web site.

    I have found not one of his principles to be wrong or worthless.

  3. zoogies (4 comments.) says:

    In the past I’ve been annoyed by his tone, or perhaps I’m thinking of someone else who wrote on similar topics. If I’m not thinking of another, then his tone has definitely changed in this article, and I find I agree with a lot of the points. If there’s one thing I hate more than every single major movie website having ridiculous amounts of Flash (batman begins?), it’s…no, I think that’s as far as hating goes.

  4. Superkain (2 comments.) says:

    Illegibility!!! Browser Incompatibility. Don’t i know it. Hopefully everyone reads this article and learns something.

  5. Riky Kurniawan (2 comments.) says:

    Browser incomaptibility is one of the herdest part


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