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September 28th, 2005
General, Photolog Script

Simple PHP Gallery I don’t think the simplicity, ease of use and the absolute beauty of this software was quite obvious to me till tonight. I needed to put up about two hundred pictures in relative anonymity into a simple gallery that would not be a hassle to install. Al I have to say is….WOW. The install took all of twenty seconds, the gallery was up in another three seconds and all I did was move the pictures into the right folder and view the gallery page. From one developer to another, kudos to Paul Griffin! This is how software should be.




  1. erik (3 comments.) says:

    seems to me, that this one is based on the php-gallery written by Jeff Harrel, whos website went down earlier this year … however the code-snippet for his basic gallery is still available at the zend code-gallery where i found this neat gallery and its nice to see that development is pushed forwards now :-)

  2. Xuan (1 comments.) says:

    Well, i have just started to get into this blogging thing and it seems very interesting. I have been searching around with a few gallery packages, and tried word press gallery plugin, and simple php gallery. I have just installed it 5 minutes ago and must say, it is very simple indeed. Great. One thing i have noticed is that when i click on the photo, it showns the original size which is very large. I’m sure there is a setting somewhere. I’ll have to read the readme file but because the set up time was so fast, i haven’t had time to read it yet.

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