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Anconia RocketPost Another highly priced desktop blogging tool. This one lets you download all your existing posts to your desktop which could be really cool if it also downloaded the comments and/or other options on your weblog. It would be like a hybrid Userland/Wordpress blogging tool.




  1. Greg (1 comments.) says:

    $149! Are those real, U.S. dollars? That is incredible, and sadly I bet they’ll get people to actually pay for something WordPress does for a lot less!

  2. Manish Vij (5 comments.) says:

    RocketPost is actually an editor that works with WordPress and is priced like a word processor. All Web-based blogging packages, though good at merging and archiving posts, are terrible editors.

    It’s for serious bloggers who write a lot of posts, want a decent editing UI and hate losing posts to a server timeout or browser crash. It’s also a single place to write all your posts for when you have more than one blog or more than one blogging system.

    Here are screenshots. By the way, this site has linked the RocketPost beta before.

  3. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Good call Manish, I did forget that I had linked to your beta.
    However, in spite of the relatively unique features, it is still priced too high.

  4. Manish Vij (5 comments.) says:

    Fair enough. It’s early days yet– you can always reduce the price if it’s mispriced, but you can’t ever increase it without pissing people off.

  5. Manish Vij (5 comments.) says:

    We just posted a free version here for Blogger users.

  6. kevin says:

    wassup every body

  7. Manish Vij (5 comments.) says:

    We just released a $37 version of RocketPost, FYI:

  8. jon says:

    interested to know if its better than blogjet

  9. Ric James (1 comments.) says:

    If anyone here is using this… “application”, could you please respond? I’ve been trying to get Anconia’s tech support to respond to me for weeks and they will not reply.


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