WP Themes List now with 330 themes


WP Themes List now with 330 themes:

my wordpress theme list has more than doubled in size since you first visited it, and now links to more than 325 wordpress themes freely available for download thanks to the generous community of wp users




  1. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    Most Useless article ever, to be honest. Who would want to try (i.e. download, unzip, install, activate) so many themes if there is not even a screenshot shown.

  2. OMEITOR (2 comments.) says:

    Well, you might notice that the links point to the authors websites, not to the zips.
    In most cases, the authors site will give some useful info along with a couple of screenshots.

    then again, people might find it more useful to see the themes in the same way shows them. even a simple theme switcher would be nice, but hey, that site is Typepad-powered, it’s kinda hard to use the wp theme switcher isn’t it :)

  3. Simon (10 comments.) says:

    it would be cool if someone produced a website with a load of wordpress themes screenshots, with name, author and a link to where one can obtain the theme.

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