Ajax based Server Side Aggregator

August 26th, 2005
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Ajax based Server Side Aggregator Thanks Magpie Blog PS: The server seems to be getting hammered, please be patient.




  1. MacManX (2 comments.) says:

    I have been monitoring the progress of Gregarius for quite some time, and I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s not 100% AJAX-based, but it does feature “AJAX powered item tagging,” “A WordPress-like theme engine,” and it is “Committed to web standards.”

  2. Mark J (1 comments.) says:

    Aww… it requires PostgreSQL. I wonder how hard it would be to convert it to use MySQL, for the “other 90%” of us.

  3. Drew Vogel (6 comments.) says:

    Yup. That it needs PostgreSQL makes it non-useful for me. If a MySQL interface becomes available, I’ll use it!

  4. Drew Vogel (6 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the tip about Gregarius. It’s just what I was looking for! Once I can collapse the listing of feeds on the front page into folders (instead of displaying everything), it will be perfect for my needs.

  5. Drew Vogel (6 comments.) says:

    I am a fool. It DOES collapse feeds into folders!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why do I need this if I use bloglines?

  7. MacManX (2 comments.) says:

    Because Bloglines is slow and sometimes takes as much as twelve hours to discover new articles/posts. On the other hand, a server-side aggregator provides almost the same benefits as Bloglines and, since it functions as a normal feed aggregator, instantly discovers new articles/posts. The only downfall is that you have to host it yourself.


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