Blacklist Peer Cheerleading

August 18th, 2005

I wanted to try and get some more people to use my Blacklist Peering Plugin for WordPress and suggest some improvements/features that they would like to see. Frankly, it is a boon for spam prevention.

I peer with only two other weblogs and update every few days. I religiously add stuff to my blacklists and moderation lists but I only catch so many spam clues. The lists keep growing and I feel like they are much more powerful and comprehensive considering the fact that I am using the collective “spam experience” of three seperate blogs/bloggers.

I have some very interesting suggestions from Geof and would like to add the ability to pick and choose the words that get merged into your blacklist/moderation list.




  1. Craig (19 comments.) says:

    I’ll definitely install the plugin and work with it.

  2. Craig (19 comments.) says:

    I’m installed and ready to exchange Peer IDs! :) Drop me a note to my email when you have the time.

  3. Goldfish (1 comments.) says:

    If you wanted my spam table to analyse for keywords I’d happily give it to you ;) I’m using full moderation at the moment because spam is just so bad. Its got better though, I think I’ve put them off with the moderation so going to a blacklist would be a good idea: I’ll probably install this one when I get the time.

  4. Dougal Campbell (35 comments.) says:

    I’m still running the prototype here, though I never import from other sites. I add new entries to both the moderation and blacklist keys practically every day, so hopefully you’ve been getting some good entries from me.

    The ability to pick-and-choose which entries are added on import would definitely be a boon. I stopped blindly importing after receiving some patterns that were too broad in scope.

  5. Geof F. Morris (13 comments.) says:

    This isn’t a feature update, eh?

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