Spam PayBack #1

July 14th, 2005

From time to time I get comment spam that makes me think “Do these people actually think before they spam or are they all <insert expletive here>?”

So my blog can be used as one of the methods of increasing the page rank/sales of a certain Pop Up Blocker called Pop Up Blocker. Blocking popups cannot be simple business and I do not sell Popup Blockers from this site but I guess I could. I wonder if this post will rate high on a search for Pop Up Blockers for Internet Explorer or for Popup Blockers for Internet Explorer. How about Pop-Up blocker for Internet Explorer? Do we list Popup Blocker for Mozilla or Pop Up Blocker for Firefox? Block all your Pop Ups by getting the software from Pop Up Blocker

If you are getting here through a search on Popup Blockers or for Pop-Up Blocker or Pop Up Blocker Internet Explorer, please do not buy from pop-upblocker dot org They are spammers and unethical. ADB Popup Blocker and ANB Pop Up Blocker are from the same company and you should not buy their product. Any SEO people want to help me get this post up on top on the SEs?

I feel better now. :)




  1. Rob (3 comments.) says:

    You’re mean.

    I like that about you!

    I need to link to this post….

  2. Martey (3 comments.) says:

    They are spammers and unethical.

    From a quick look at their website, they also do not know how to spell, like linking at Russian websites, and like “massive cocks.”

  3. Recipher (3 comments.) says:

    Mate, you would have a lot of work to do to get this page close to the top for a keyword like that. One thing that you could do, however, is rank for the term “” Place that name in your title and add it a couple of more times on the page (no links of course). Shame on these bastards… it’s probably spyware!

    Hahaha @ the “massive cocks” link on the side.

  4. Recipher (3 comments.) says:

    Sorry for the extra post. It would be quite easy to rank for “ADB Popup Blocker” or “ANB Pop Up Blocker” as well. Just put what you want to rank for in your title, it should show up pretty high.

  5. Terry Jones says:

    You haven’t even begun to do enough about pop-up blockers. Pop up blockers is big business, after all. Every body wants a pop-up blocker.

    But seriously. We can’t compete. Unless your page is already insanely popular, what you actually put on it doesn’t really matter much. Get a few pop-up blocker links from boingboing and get slash-dot to mention you…then things might be different.

    PS Have you thought about popup blockers for Safari?

    (I got here from technorati, not a search engine, BTW)

  6. Prophet says:

    Hey Terry, your blog looks like spam. ;)

  7. idban (1 comments.) says:

    i try help with put link on my blog
    let burn ‘em

  8. Dougal Campbell (35 comments.) says:

    This page is currently the #5 result on Google for “Popup blocker for internet explorer” :)

  9. Jasmine (1 comments.) says:

    I don’t know but damnit get me a popup blocker!


  1. Googlebomb: Popup Blockers

    Has your blog been spammed with ads for a Popup Blocker for Internet Explorer?

    If you are getting here through a search on Popup Blockers or for Pop-Up Blocker or Pop Up Blocker Internet Explorer, please do not buy from pop-upblocker dot org …

  2. Novo tipo de táctica de SPAM

    Eu já tinha percebido que este novo estilo de SPAM se baseava numa técnica conhecida por social hacking muito semelhante aos virus do tipo do Y Love You e semelhantes que apelam à nossa intervenção.

    Para despistar os sistema…

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