StealthSurfer II

July 13th, 2005
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StealthSurfer II: Password protected memory card storage in varying denominations. Built-in browser and cache files to trap all surfing activity. Improved software that makes all internet and email activity invisible to the host computer. Ability to carry favorites from computer to computer. Also seen in Popular Science Magazine. This might even take away my pain of having to synchronize three different email clients! Backup once a week and I am golden! (or I could build one myself for much less cost and much more memory!)




  1. Jason Bainbridge (4 comments.) says:

    Even though it is quite nifty to be able to run programs to access the net off of a memory card it will hardly hide your internet surfing activities from your employer. Do you really think interested employers are going to be looking at your local PC to check out your browsing history? Most employers will be logging all internet activity through their proxy/firewall and that is where you will get caught regardless of whether you use StealthSurfer or not.

    Isn’t there an open source project that does this for FireFox and Thunderbird already anyway? $300 for a GB card involves a lot of markup for the software they include.

    Using something like Remote Desktop (over an SSH tunnel if you really want to be secure) to your home computer and then doing your browsing from your home computer is a much better way to hide your tracks, that way you get all your applications to use not just those on the memory card.

  2. Aaron (14 comments.) says:

    Agreed. The idea of StealthSurfer completely ignores Layers 1-6 of the OSI and incorrectly assumes the only evidence of surfing is at Layer 7 (client).


  1. Stealth Surfing … Offers More Than Just Privacy and Protection

    via Weblog Tools Collection

    While the StealthSurfer II [review] is a really cool device for all of the private internet access capabilities it provides, to me, the neatest thing is that my entire internet experience — favorites, cookies, e-mail setups

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