WordPress Themes for Troops


WordPress Themes for Troops: Well, not really. This author is “auctioning” off themes to raise money for our troops. Without delving into politics, the themes are nice and this is a nice way to raise some money.




  1. mike says:

    Two things to think about:
    1- if you have let’s say $1000.00 and wanted to give it to our troops, how would you get it to them?

    2- the entity which you’re referring to as ‘our troops’ are also known as ‘The United States Military’. This entity is the single most well-funded, and spend-thrifty organization on the planet; receiving more of your income tax dollars than you even want to imagine. That’s how we have the most powerful military in the world :)
    When my government can spend 10 million dollars on One rocket whose destiny is to explode and blow up a building in order to steal another country’s oil, and at the same time, there are millions of people just like you, who fell on hard times, and who can’t squeeze a damn penny out of our government, even for a sandwich, while ‘our troops’ are overseas killing people and eating 3 square meals a day, well… my money is staying right here in my pocket.

    Have you ever stopped to think for a moment why there’s a pipeline pumping oil from iraq into saudi arabia? We built that pipeline. Weren’t the um…9/11 terrorists from Saudi Arabia? Does anyone else smell the biggest RAT in world history?

    I’m sorry but that $3.00 magnet on your car that says ‘support our troops’ … you know it… the one you bought at a convenience store, owned by a middle eastern company… the one I saw while you put $2.50 per gallon gas in your car… is honestly just a testament to your own stupidity.
    Support people who can’t eat. Bring the troops home. And unbrainwash them. They are 19 year old kids who learned how to split people’s skulls open with a bayonette.


  2. G.I.Joe says:

    So we can assume you’re not in the military?

  3. Christopher Mulrooney (1 comments.) says:

    Perhaps he would be interested in helping my Org Trek to the Troops which mission is to support and Entertain the Troops. we sure could use a costume theme for our website

    Christopher Mulrooney

    Trek to the Troops


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