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April 28th, 2005
General, Photolog Script

Album Journal: I have been working with photo blogging, photo albums and online photo repositories for sometime and I had thought that Flickr was the closest thing to a perfect photo app. I might have been wrong. After looking through this “Album Journal” I think this would be cool. I like the interface and the organization of the albums. I really like the idea of being able to record entries per photo and per album and then display them as such. Not everyone has a bunch of pictures to post in an album everyday but when you do, it would be of tremendous aesthetic value to be able to annotate each one with a blog post of sorts. I know that all of this is achievable with Gallery, Flickr and the like but somehow they all lack the fluidity and the coherence of the album journal above. I would like to develop something like this.




  1. Lelia Katherine Thomas (15 comments.) says:

    Wow, that is a nice setup. I’ve looked for good galleries as well, pretty much to no avail. Gallery always seemed over the top, and yet Flickr has never been personal enough for me. Currently, I use a script called MG2 Gallery on a subdomain of my website, separate from my WordPress installation. In terms of functionality, that’s almost exactly what I’m looking for; I just don’t have the means to blend it in with WordPress. *shrug*

    One thing I think this Album Journal might be missing, though, is individual image desciptions, unless, of course, that’s enabled, but just not shown unless a description is available.

    Still, very, very cool. Hopefully we’ll see more like this as the months go by!

  2. Lelia Katherine Thomas (15 comments.) says:

    Ah, never mind. I see that they are enabled. :)

  3. redjade (1 comments.) says:

    I think I must be a bit daft today – where can i download this script? Looks very cool


  4. jeff says:

    Very Nice!! I too would like to know where I can get this script as well

  5. Brian Sugar (2 comments.) says:

    Worth making a plugin to wordpress?

  6. Brian Sugar (2 comments.) says: is my photogallery that I built in 1999 and constantly been tweaking since, worth making a plugin to wordpress?

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