Google Adsense Foulup?

April 11th, 2005

If anyone here is running Adsense on their own site/blog, could you please check something for me?

Run last month’s totals using the “Aggregate” data. Then run last month’s totals using the “channel” data (considering that you have URI channels setup, which I do) These numbers are wildly different for me. I even went through and checked my total earnings and compared them with the two results and sure enough my earnings were recorded and paid with the “aggregate” data and not the channel data. These two values have never been different for me for the last year or so that I have run AdSense, barring March and now April and that makes me really confused.

Am I seeing this wrong or am I losing money?? I have written to AdSense support, but I never have had stellar luck with them. Considering the difference in the two amounts, I would really like to see this resolved to my benefit.

[EDIT] Brandon might have nailed it right on the head

I believe if you have a channel set up for something like: the stats for and will both be counted (one counted twice, since is in i think) or something screwy

I have edited my URI channels to make sure this does not happen and I will keep checking them. I might have over estimated some earnings then! My fault. ;)




  1. Nick (11 comments.) says:

    My numbers for last month are off, but by less than $0.25. Same for this month so far. I must have an ad somewhere without a channel set.

  2. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Yes, but why would the channel numbers be *more* than the aggregate numbers in my case?

  3. BobbyMasteria (2 comments.) says:

    I compared last month’s aggregated earnings with last month’s all channels earnings and found that channels earnings were nearly twice the aggregated earnings.
    The amount in the payment history corresponds to the aggregated earnings.

  4. Brandon (2 comments.) says:

    I believe if you have a channel set up for something like:

    the stats for and will both be counted (one counted twice, since is in i think) or something screwy. I’ve seen weirdness, but haven’t looked into it enough to know why.

  5. BobbyMasteria (2 comments.) says:

    Hmm wait, my mistake.
    I forgot to remove the URL channels.
    Now I get a difference of $0.05

  6. Michael Moncur (10 comments.) says:

    The difference is 14 cents in my case, and higher in aggregate than by channel.

  7. Ozh (2 comments.) says:

    Let me check … almost no money in one case … practically no earnings in another … no, I’ve got same results :P

  8. Anton Olsen (5 comments.) says:

    I have the ads running on both and and I setup two channels as those names. seems to mirror the aggregated numbers. is a subset of

    Here are my numbers this month:
    Agregated – $blah blah – $blah blah – $blah blah
    anton and – $blah blah seems to be a subset of I also have some channels setup like, and they also seem to be a subset of

  9. Tom (14 comments.) says:

    Anton Olsen, I didnt think you were suppose to disclose that information :P

  10. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Actually Tom, AdSense did change their disclosure agreement.

  11. Anton Olsen (5 comments.) says:

    Tom, I hadn’t thought of that, but after reading Mark’s comment I went to read the terms, and they do state I can’t share click through rates, or other statistics related to site performance, however I may share gross payments.

    So it’s up for argument if my small amount of channel information is considered site performance, or a gross amount. Either way I don’t see any harm as it’s not enough information to really mean anything.

    I can always claim that I made up those numbers as an example too, um, yeah, that’s what I did.

  12. Paul H (1 comments.) says:

    Nah, actually, it works out – It knows.. doesnt matter if you have or or – Google’s pretty smart :)

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