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February 20th, 2005
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Simple PHP Gallery: A very simple PHP gallery system that requires GD. Caching, simple upload to folders and a relatively simple install make this one to watch. I see a lot of similarities between this and something I have developed professionally. Could be easily integerated with a WordPress install.

[EDIT]: Special version of Simple PHP Gallery that is pre-configured to pull the gallery into a WordPress template.




  1. Tom (14 comments.) says:

    Infact there is a wordpress version if I recall, I think its just for 1.2. Anyway Simple PHP Gallery, is great upload your photos, upload the script and your done!

  2. Jeffrey Randow (1 comments.) says:

    Singapore ( also is very easy to integrate into WordPress. The reason I went with Singapore over SPG is that it will allow you to upload ZIP files containing multiple files for your gallery. SPG required you to FTP and setup things manually.

  3. Jens Wedin (6 comments.) says:

    It seems like it is only for 1.2. I tried the WP version and it worked fine except it did not include my style. It uses the 1.2 layout template. Hope that we will se a 1.5 version soon.

  4. Syaman says:

    Looks like a very fast and quick gallery. Do you know of any guide on how exactly to integrate Singapore into SPG?

  5. Sarah (1 comments.) says:

    seem the website linked up here has gone missing. anyone have the file still? or know of another place i could download it?

  6. David Johnson (1 comments.) says:

    get it here:


  1. Simple PHP Gallery

    Simple PHP Gallery

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