This is a comment test post

December 4th, 2004

Please post comments here for testing.
Do you like this site?
Does it offer you with a good and daily does of blogging?
Do you find yourself coming here often to search for stuff?
Do you like the search feature?

Please refrain from using common spam words since you WILL be automatically blacklisted and will not be allowed to comment again unless you contact me directly and ask me to remove you manually. This post will be used for comment testing all weekend. Thanks for your help!




  1. Mark says:

    I will start off the bidding with $10.00! Let the comment wars begin! (or something)

  2. Brian Puccio (1 comments.) says:

    Yes, I like this site. I subscribe to the WordPress Planet feed, so this feed does (indirectly) make it’s way across my feed reader. I come here to see what’s going on, I find WordPress has lots of goodies that aren’t all in one place (I used to use Drupal and the additions were much more organized). As for searching, I use google for that. If I want something that is 100% specific to your site, I’ll just add that to my google query. To be honest, I’m quite used to Drupal’s search being not so great, I haven’t really tried WordPress’ search.

    Are you using CSPAM now? How do you find it to be working? I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, however, I’m worried about false positives. No email confirmation when a comment gets flagged as spam sort of leaves me uninformed.

    Thanks for the great resource, hopefully I didn’t trigger your spam filter, I didn’t talk about card games or medical drugs to enhance certain things so I hope this slips through.

  3. Mark says:

    This is another test comment, this time some of the intelligence is removed, and some other fun stuff added in.

  4. Mark says:

    One more test comment?

  5. Mark says:

    This is another test comment. CSPAM is being revamped with MANY added features, checks and a variety of logging tools.

  6. ezie says:

    Yes.. I love this site

  7. Hanni (2 comments.) says:

    Yup. I subscribe to this site.I do search a lot, it is useful altough I tend to just use google – keyword or something.
    Good luck with the testing.

  8. Mark says:

    testing again!

  9. Jesus Vargas (4 comments.) says:

    Daily, by RSS (Sage, Firefox)
    Keep on.
    Great content.
    Not many words, I dunno how the spam control works. ;)

  10. helge (4 comments.) says:

    cool site. daily dose is good, indeed.

  11. Mark says:


  12. Mark says:

    This is another test

  13. Glen Piper (5 comments.) says:

    I find the site very useful, and subscribe to the RSS via
    If it wasn’t for your site, Mark, I wouldn’t be running your SpamService (1.0beta) plugin, and that would be a shame, as it’s been great at cutting out the comment spam.


  14. Mark says:

    Another test

  15. Mark says:

    Another test

  16. Mark says:

    Testing 123

  17. Mark says:


  18. Mark says:


  19. Mark says:

    Another test

  20. Mark says:

    This is another test

  21. Mark says:

    Testing again

  22. Mark says:

    another test?

  23. Mark says:

    THis is another test

  24. Mark says:


  25. Mark says:


  26. Mark says:


  27. craig (19 comments.) says:

    I thought that visiting this site would be akin to using Viagra, but sadly, I have not seen such results. :)

    Hi, Mark! I like the site, but don’t visit it often enough. :(

  28. craig (19 comments.) says:

    Well, I used a common spam word in an uncommon way, and it looks like I was blocked. I guess that’s a “false positive”? :)

    You should really email me, Mark!

  29. Mark says:

    Testing Comments.

  30. Mark says:


  31. Mark says:


  32. Mark says:


  33. Mark says:


  34. Mark says:

    Another test

  35. Mark says:

    Testing again

  36. Mark says:

    Testing Testing

  37. Mark says:

    testing comments

  38. Mark says:

    Testing comments

  39. Mark (386 comments.) says:


  40. Mark says:


  41. Mark (386 comments.) says:


  42. Mark says:

    Another test

  43. Mark says:

    testing comments

  44. Mark (386 comments.) says:

    testing comments

  45. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    This is a test

  46. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    This is a test

  47. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    testing comments again

  48. Mark (118 comments.) says:

    Testint comments

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