Mozdev Filemanager


Mozdev Filemanager: This is a very cool little tool for Mozilla family of browsers. The code is finally LGPL and can be used as part of a project. Inclusion of something like this in the admin of ANY blogging or CMS project would be fantastic.
A couple of key features which are incredibly useful.

  • Browsing files and folders using tree and list controls
  • Copying and moving files and folders using tradditional copy/cut/paste operations
  • Built-in text editor

I have been using an ASP and ActiveX based upload download manager with lesser functions for a partial CMS that we are working on at my day job.
Some concerns I have about FileManager:

  • Browser Security: Will there be glaring holes that might need to be patched? Since the code has been around for a while, this might be moot
  • Server Security: How will the variety of host OSes deal with files created/uploaded by the package? I can see a potential support nightmare if every OS handles file security differently

Has anyone seen implementations for MT, WP, Drupal or any other CMS yet?



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