Nicer Archives for WP1.3


Some months ago, Mark created the Sortable Nicer Archives for WP 1.2
In WP 1.3, the main page has been split into different sections, so the original file above didn’t look good – it worked of course, but the page layout was broken.
Using includes for the header and footer, along with a <div> correction, that is now sorted.
It can be seen working here:

The phps file is here:

Note: this has not been tested against Themes.




  1. Steven (1 comments.) says:

    How can I get this working with Matt’s Asides?

  2. Poonam (10 comments.) says:

    How do you implement your background so it matches the rest of the pages? Do you have to create a .css for the archives page?

  3. iHanna (1 comments.) says:

    Hi, I used the code for the narchive and I think it is great. BUT it shows saved entrys that are not showing up on the main page yet… If I save a entry to be published tomorrow, the title and link is showing up in the archive! :-/ Please help, I am NOT a programmer! :-)


  4. Josh Jarmin (3 comments.) says:

    I just upgraded from your 1.2 script to the new 1.3 script. Everything works fine except for these two lines up at the top:

    $defaultorderby = ‘category';
    $defaultorder = ‘ASC';

    That is what I want by default, categories and ascending order. What am I doing wrong, because it still shows up as by date in descending order?

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