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Etomite Content Management System: A PHP based CMS that looks very promising. I have another project in the works (Pictorialis) that needs a full features CMS system and Etomite might be the ticket. I really like the interface, the Standards adherance, the file management ability and the “snippets”, which are small pieces of PHP code that are stored in the database and executed when the corresponding template tags are seen.

I have not looked very closely at the insides of Etomite, nor have I actually installed the product, but it has some promise and I will be exploring it further. The example sites look just like any other static site with a common look and feel. If Tinderbox was available for Windows, I would not be looking at anything else. I am really convinced that Tinderbox is the product for me but I will have to wait till Mark is done with the Windows version (or I buy a Mac, whichever comes first)

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  1. dave says:

    yep, all my blogging is just killing time waiting for tinderbox. i check bernsteins blog daily for news – lol …. hope it’s worth the wait!

  2. zorzal says:

    Have you actually USED tinderbox? If so, would you mind sharing the reason for your comments? I happen to own tinderbox, because it sounded like a good content integration tool, with extra publishing thrown in. I installed it, put it ion my Mac’s dock, started attempting to use it… and gave up. Not being very technical, I have to own at least part of the problem. But I found the program cryptic (why not use standard XSL?), unfriendly (try to trace the reasons for a broken link in a published structure) and poorly documented. Ever since, every time I see it sitting on the Dock, without use, I wonder whether I ever made justice to it… I would love to like tb again, please share your thoughts…

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