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October 6th, 2004
LinkyLoo, WordPress Hack

Kitten’s Project Blog >> Comment Karma: A very interesting idea. What do you think of a comment rating system in WordPress?




  1. Geof (19 comments.) says:

    Well, I understand that, certainly, but any system that doesn’t require user authentication is going to be abused. [The converse isn’t true, though; user-authenticated systems will be abused, too.] People will play a karma-spamming game; while it would be of little-to-no use now, it might be given time. Who knows … maybe Google will use comment karma in their algorithms in the future. :shrug:

  2. Geof (19 comments.) says:

    A comment rating system has to be part of an overall project that supports total user involvement in the discussion space: user reg, specifically.

  3. Geof (19 comments.) says:

    [Man, don’t hit the post button so quickly …]

    But you’re correct that I stated my position incorrectly; it should be a part of such a system, but it does not have to be. My apologies.

  4. Kitten (2 comments.) says:

    No, I think I just proved that it doesn’t *have* to be part of a user-reg system ;)

    The goals are different, I wanted a easy feedback system, something along the lines of Amazon’s “was this review helpful?” links. I get quite a few visitors that leave code & fixes in the comments and this is a nice way to get feedback on them from other visitors that might not want to comment.

    Every blog is looking for feedback, and you know that only a small portion of visitors leave a comments, compare the views vs. topics stats on any discussion board. With an easy click, these visitors can now leave feedback on feedback (meta-feedback?) without registering or any of that sort of thing.

  5. Kitten (2 comments.) says:

    Check it out now, I’ve made it so that the voting link disappears once you voted. :)

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