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September 26th, 2004
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Thanks to Poonam for pointing this out to me.
If you have visited my post on the “hacked” WordPress Javascript Quicktags you might be aware of a Mozilla bug that forces the page to jump to the beginning of a textarea when a tag is inserted. Alex first wrote about this bug in WordPress and fixed it and I have fixed my own version of the quicktags as well.

To remind my readers, the quicktags give you the ability to add:

  • Automatic CSS dropshadows for images
  • Automatic CSS dropshadows for text
  • Capitalization (can be used for many purposes)
  • Small size and large sized text
  • Left or right floating pictures and text etc.

Download the modified WordPress Quicktags hack from here

Find more information, helpful hints and discussion on this post.




  1. Paul says:


    This is great. You asked about what else people would like to see, so here goes – text justification (left & right), centre text, bold, italics, text size (points on a drop down if poss? rather than just small or large), text colour (again on a drop down if poss), text style (on a drop down?). If it’s possible a button that would let you browse to an image on your hard drive for upload & a button that would let text flow around images. Just suggestions.

  2. Ash Haque (3 comments.) says:

    Nevermind I got it working, the strange thing is I renamed my quicktags.js to backupquicktags.js but that didn’t do anything. After I deleted the old file completely it worked :) Great script

  3. Ash Haque (3 comments.) says:

    I really don’t get this at all, I followed all the instructions but nothing has changed. My quicktags things are all the same, there is no automatic dropshadows on my images, what else am I supposed to do?

  4. Neil (1 comments.) says:

    The image drop shadow makes it impossible to write any text below the photo. Any text you try to write below the photo is displayed to the right of the photo. Any way to fix this?

  5. Poonam (3 comments.) says:

    Any updates for WP 1.5?

  6. ms.angel says:

    this hack is great. even though 2.0 has a WYSIWYG editor, I still prefer the old editor with the quicktags as it gives you some functionality that isn’t in the new editor. I can’t seem to get the drop shadows to work though. Right now it just makes my picture come out really really small. I tried uploading the css where you said – but I don’t have a wp-layout file. Instead I uploaded the css to the stylesheet of my theme – not sure if that was right.

    thanks again!


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