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August 17th, 2004

As a follow up for the recent restructuring and redesigning of the blog and my inability to recognize and assign colors aesthetically, I am announcing a competition to create a couple of graphic items for this blog. The graphics have to work with the present color schema and the size limitations mentioned below. No moving graphics please (no flash either).

Here is what is expected (all three are required to win, they could be resized items of just one graphic):

  • A favicon.ico
  • A (800-1000) x (50-100) header image (width x height) with the name of the blog
  • A 140 x 50 (width x height) small icon for distribution

Here are the rules and prizes:

  • All submissions are done through this blog and as comments on this post, if you cannot host the images, send me an email with your graphics and I will add the links and the file
  • I will run this for one week and winners will be declared next Tuesday
  • Since I am as color blind as a dog, my girlfriend Jennifer will help with the judging (hopefully)
  • Winners will receive a $20 gift through Paypal and their work will be credited on this blog along with a semi-permanent and prominent link to their blog/webpage
  • Winners will receive my admiration and affection for a while ;)

So, if you feel up to the task or just have some free time to dink around and send something in, I would appreciate any and all submissions. Feel free to link to this post and spread the word.




  1. proph3t says:


  2. Shadow (3 comments.) says:

    We might have a play just for fun Mark, but not really after your money. It would be nice to give you something as a way of thanks for all you provide for everyone else.
    One question: Any specifications on the byte size?

  3. Mark says:

    That will be awesome! The byte size does not matter as long as I can reduce it without losing a lot of quality.

  4. Mark (34 comments.) says:

    I believe that you have to refresh the brwoser to get the new stylesheet. I have run into that issue before. Could you please verify? Thanks.

  5. serendipity (1 comments.) says:

    This is just a heads-up. I’ve been wondering why your posts seemed to be non-existent when I went here from my aggregator. Reason: they show up in black fonts on a black background. The only thing I can see are your links and the Linux Sponsorship box, which overlays the text. (It thankfully becomes visible if I select it with the mouse). So I’m sorry, but I’m a bit unclear about the current colour scheme. (Firefox, btw.)

    I would indeed love to give something back. Have benefitted quite a bit from your work.


  1. […] overwhelming interest, but the disconcerting lack of entries, I have decided to extend the Graphics Competition

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