An example of the default CSS with WordPress


For some reason, many think that in order to style a WordPress weblog, you need to know PHP.
You don’t.
Or people are confused by CSS and end up using html and tables to create effects that can otherwise be achieved just by using the default tags that are in a WordPress install.

So in that vein, I created a default WP weblog, and altered nothing except the layout css.

It’s not meant to show off any design skills, or to get any awards for ‘best use of colour’, but hopefully it will let you see just how much control you have already without the need to alter anything else.
It is basic stuff – another blog with more advanced techniques soon I hope – but if you have a have a WordPress weblog, hopefully it will start to inspire you when looking to alter your design in some way.

The comments on the bottom entry there is open if you want to suggest any CSS topic that could be covered on either that weblog or a more advanced one.

And if you have sunglasses …. put them on now :)




  1. Sue says:

    Haha. Very, very scary. :D

  2. Medya (2 comments.) says:

    Hello Dear sir ,
    I really intrested in WP , I am just installing it right now .
    I want to use it for my photoblog .
    one question which one should I use ? Pictorialis I or II ?
    I don’t want to create Photo Albums , I just want 1 large image on the first page .
    and NEXT IMAEG botton . and also all of the thunbails in one page called Archive.
    is it possible ?
    email Medya [AT] MEDYA DAILY . C O M

  3. cLin (1 comments.) says:

    Holy god, I AM BLIND! Good job though, I hate it when people say CSS can’t achieve something but tables can.

  4. Ria (1 comments.) says:

    You did a wonderful job with the example. I think that I also went blind when I initially saw the page. That ugly mess can validate, unlike my site (CSS validates but the main page doesn’t). I really need to stop being lazy and make my site validate.

  5. Podz (12 comments.) says:

    The mess is almost the point.
    Had it been done really nicely, then maybe someone would take one look and think “I can’t do that”. But being a mess, if someone sees just one element they like, and they use that on their blog, then they are making their site more individual, more for them, more interesting.
    I mean ….. could anyone do much worse ? (this is not a challenge!!)

    And thank you :)

  6. Sushubh (3 comments.) says:

    I would have used it if I was color blind.

  7. Dotnetter (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah right!

  8. imran (1 comments.) says:


    can anyone help me enter data into mysql database
    from a flash form using coldfusion components ?

    i’m using web services and simply want to pass data from my flash form to my cfc while staying in flash…

    any actionscript (or coldfusion code ‘cfc’) that anyone could provide or even links to other ressources on this specific topic would be awesome…

    if someone could help me with this process i would be greatful…..

    thank you in advance…

    Imran Hashmi

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