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In keeping with my previous post about promoting better programming/coding/markup/style practices among present developers and designers, I have decided to add a couple of categories to this blog and promise to add a few articles every week to those categories. XHTML syntax, better semantics, (common) validation issues and fixes for them, better explanation of validation errors are fair game. I invite my readers to contribute to this process as well and would appreciate a small post if and when you solve a complicated (or simple) validation issue for yourself.

On a similar note, I am still looking for more authors for this blog. WordPress people are, as always, more than welcome, but my focus is on getting some authors for other blog tools such as Drupal, MT, Bloxsom etc. If you would like to write (and conversely get exposure for your site/blog/tool) a couple of articles a month for, please register and send me an email with the registration information so I can give you the proper permissions.

Upcoming (planned, or half written) articles in this series:

  • Better Link Name Choices
  • Validating Forms in XHTML 1.1 Strict
  • “Script Language” Boo Boos


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