WP Blacklist 1.2 Released

May 24th, 2004
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The WP Blacklist hack has been updated to a plugin to work with WP 1.2 and has also had a few new features added such as the ability to ban IPs and the option to directly import entries directly from Jay Allen’s centralized blacklist. Actually, the latter feature was already there but this release fixes some regex incompatibilities between Jay Allen’s list and PHP. You can download the plugin here.




  1. Jackdaw says:

    Good job Fahim. My sites moved from MT to WP, nice to see the blacklist working so well in WP. Harder to install than WP itself, but if you follow the instuctions carefully it’s do-able in 5 mins; as my site shows.

  2. Mark says:

    Some will pass. The comment spam feature is actually not in use on this blog. I use the default wordpress moderation.

  3. Nelson (1 comments.) says:

    I don’t think your comment spam feature is working. The comment before mine is a spam comment that I’ve been getting hundreds of on my WordPress site. Someone is EVIL.


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