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October 6th, 2003

AlumniLink grew out of the need for an alunmi database for the EECS Department at the University of Toledo. I needed a script which would create a dynamic Alumni Website without having to have a MySql database. This script is written by using the php-text-db API from C-Worker There is a nice interface to make the tables and the necessary setup of the database. This script is from a German site I cannot pronounce the name of. However all of the licenses are in place and should be adhered to. Now that the formalities are out of the way, here are the list of features (shortened)

  • No database support needed, all information stored in a text format
  • Run SQL like commands on your data, code is very simple and coherent PHP
  • Simple CSS controlled interface with powerful search functions
  • Little or no setup time
  • index.php with Username:Admin Password:root gets you into the database web admin
  • index1.php is the main AlumniLink interface
  • See this script in action at
    EECS UToledo Alumni Site
    Here is the link to the AlumniLink zip file.

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    1. Steve (1 comments.) says:

      First baby!, and this script rules!

    2. Mark (34 comments.) says:

      Steve and others, there is an update to the Alumni Link set of scripts which checks to see if a person exists before it inserts the record. Download the zip file again to get the added scripts. Steve, thank you for the encouragement!

    3. Kris Anderson (1 comments.) says:

      Your download link is broken.

    4. Mark (34 comments.) says:

      Shoot, I apologize for that, I just replaced the file. Grab it this time.

    5. Mark (14 comments.) says:

      Huh? Is this spam or are you asking me to test my script again?

    6. Gurdip says:

      Wanted to see your script in action but the link for EECS UToledo Alumni Site doesn’t work.

    7. Alex says:

      Your demo site is permanently broken.

    8. Bubba (1 comments.) says:

      Yea, not only is the link permanently broken, it doesn’t work, either. :wink:

    9. Mark (58 comments.) says:


    10. KJ (1 comments.) says:

      I am unable to download the file. Is the link broken?

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