WordPress Theme Releases for 08/22


bt extended

BT Extended is a spruced newspaper style theme, with a clean sleek white look built on Thematic framework & grid system.

docout black

DocOut Black will improve your search engine results by giving your web pages a search engine friendly document outline.


Leather is a unique and texture rich design with featured images and a simple options page.


Matala is the theme from circa 2008.


Mazeld is the theme from circa 2005.


StoneHenge is a beautifully crafted two column WordPress 3 ready theme.

the twin

The Twin is a free WordPress theme with a tattoo style illustration and customizable background.




  1. Hieu Martin@Blog Tips (3 comments.) says:

    I can see BT Extended see look nice
    maybe i will get it

  2. Mike (3 comments.) says:

    Are these theme free or paid? I agree with Hieu that the BT Extended theme is very nice

  3. Nigel (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah got to say BT Extended aswell for me. Matala seems pretty cool though

  4. London Ontario Web Design (7 comments.) says:

    Yeah, BT extended looks pretty slick, the others look abit dated…but hey a freebie is a freebie

  5. Babs (37 comments.) says:

    BT Extended looks nice, but is way too cluttered for me.

    The day I first saw Matala on I wanted it. It’s absolutely beautiful! Sadly, it does not want to play nice for me — all the header information overlaps. :(

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