WordPress powers 0.8% of the Web

November 8th, 2007
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WordPress founder looks into blogging’s future at BlogWorld Las Vegas: He recently saw a survey from Google, in which the search giant examined all of the http headers of Web. He found that .8 percent of those pages were powered by WordPress. Writeup on Matt’s opening keynote at the BlogWorld Expo at Las Vegas this morning.




  1. johnbillion says:

    That means one in every 125 pages on the web is powered by WordPress. Seems awfully high to me!

  2. Baris Unver (17 comments.) says:

    And how about the percentage between the blogs?

  3. Armen (2 comments.) says:

    Nah…that can’t be right! That much?

  4. Paul OFlaherty (2 comments.) says:

    Sorry but 0.8% of the web seams unfeasibly high!

  5. Gatholoco (4 comments.) says:

    WP powers 0.8% websites, but it powers 80% of blogosphere.

  6. Montoya (3 comments.) says:

    Let’s get a bit more specific here.

    .8% of the PAGES in Google’s index are powered by WordPress. That’s not SITES, it’s PAGES. Considering most blogs have hundreds of pages, as opposed to brochure sites that have 5 to 10, that might explain why WordPress has such a large share.

    Still, .8% is amazing for a SINGLE CMS that is focused on one purpose, blogging, and is based on one language, PHP, and one DB, MySQL. It really goes to show that WordPress is as easy to install and use as they say it is, and definitely has to be the most popular blogging software out there.

  7. Jake (1 comments.) says:

    That’s pretty incredible. If just WordPress is that high, I wonder what percentage of pages online are powered by opensource CMS’s.

  8. Keith (8 comments.) says:

    Remember that if that’s a high number, it can account to many things. One, both the pretty and non-pretty versions of permalinks. Another is that categories, pages, authors, etc. may list the same article over and over again. So, it’s possible this is how many pages use WordPress, rather than the (much smaller) how many unique pages use WordPress.

  9. Diseño Web (8 comments.) says:

    Sites v/s Pages difference, but in blogosphere today and future leadership of WP goes bigger and bigger.

  10. wordpress tutorial (1 comments.) says:

    Only .8%? I advocate everyone turn to wordpress and skip html all together. WordPress is 2.0, html is so 1.0. A novice now can build an amazing blog with little or no knowledge of html or buying expensive programs. I want to see more of this.

  11. Sam Jones (2 comments.) says:

    That’s an incredible number of pages. I wonder what the total count is – certainly millions and millions.

  12. Diseño Web Peru (1 comments.) says:

    Definitely wordpress is the leader in CMS (for blogs) and because of its seo facilities many times is used in non blog-format sites.

  13. costa caleta (1 comments.) says:

    WordPress is used quite often, specially by the professionals.

  14. Wahyu (1 comments.) says:

    What can i say, wordpress is easy to use. Especially on WP 2.6.3 above. We dont need to much understand php language

  15. Scot Hacker (1 comments.) says:

    Since this was posted more than a year ago, I’m wondering whether anyone has an update on this statistic. Has the number risen since then?

  16. Alice Hall (1 comments.) says:

    Well thinking about the percentage it could be cause wordpress is making an industry full of knowledge for all serious bloggers around the world.


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