WordPress Theme Releases for 6/29


Classical Elegance is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with options page which allows you to choose an asides category. The theme also supports Ultimate Tag Warrior and Share This.

Fleu de Lys is a 3-column theme with eight beautiful flower views prepared as header images, flickr support, bookmark service and a related post php code built in. The frontpage shows the latest post with the previous posts underneath divided by the post info such as time and tags.

I’m Okay is a 2-column theme with black background and rounded corners.

Magazine is a 2-column, fixed-width theme.

Wpdesigner5 is a three column, widget-ready, blue, white, and green theme with a horizontal menu.

Audiophile 3C is a 3-column, widget-ready theme designed for music and entertainment sites. (Contains sponsored links.)

CityView is a 2-column, red theme with rounded corners. (Contains sponsored links.)

Pame is a 2-column theme with dark colors and built-in comment plugin. (Contains sponsored links.)

Sensible Blogging is a 4-column, widget- and adsense-ready theme that comes with Options page. (Contains sponsored links.)

xtn57 is a 3-column, web 2.0-style theme. (Contains sponsored links.)




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  1. […] Sensible Blogging es un tema gratis de 4 columnas, listo para widget y andsense, y con opciones de página. Contiene enlaces de patrocinio. vía: WTC […]

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