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May 26th, 2007
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Web 2.0 free button maker: After the success of the Stripe Generator and the Ajax Loading Gif Generator, here is a Web 2.0 Button Maker that lets you upload your own icon and build gel buttons for your site or blog. I agree with Mashable that the script is not very Web 2.0 ish itself since you have to “Apply Changes” every time you make a change but it is fun nonetheless. I tried building a PNG with the flame logo of but I was spending so much time on it, I just gave up and made something simple.

It turns out that we like “generators” on!




  1. Alex (11 comments.) says:

    Awesome. I’m loving these easy AJAX design aids popping up everywhere now – especially this and Stripe Generator.

  2. Moridin (4 comments.) says:

    This is the first ever button creator that I am actually going to bookmark.

  3. ttancm (34 comments.) says:

    Playing with this is a lot more fun than it really probably should be. =)

  4. OpenAsthra (1 comments.) says:

    Excellent button maker…

  5. (1 comments.) says:

    Awesome. This Button maker is Gr8 and Cool


  6. dX-Xel (1 comments.) says:

    another cool tips I got today…great post..thanks

  7. manekineko (3 comments.) says:

    I sure hope these 2.0 generator sites are still around in a few years, they will be hilariously retro

  8. BillH (7 comments.) says:

    Why not just download and use a nifty freeware called ZPaint? While it doesn’t do text on the button itself, you can create 3D buttons with or without shadows easily. It only saves the button in BMP format, but you can translate that image to JPG, PNG or any other image format with any image software.


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