Bloggers learn price of telling too much

July 9th, 2005

Bloggers learn price of telling too much “I suppose in that way,” she says, “I think of blogs as ‘open mic nights’ online.” I like that!




  1. char (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve read a few blogs on Livejournal and Xanga and it amazes me of what some of these kids post. One blog I saw showed a girl and one of her male friends smoking pot, faces all in the camera and a large picture on her blog…I mean how smart. But I guess when you’re high as a kite it doesn’t really matter…

  2. daveb (3 comments.) says:

    Early on when I started my blog few years ago, I used to talk about work, not naming names and being generally vague. When someone who disliked me, found my website and my rant about him, he showed my boss, who reluctantly had to let me go. While it was a transitory job and no big deal, I definitely learned my lesson. That’ll never happen again.

  3. frank (1 comments.) says:

    how do I get an automatic spell check -corrector on my CapEx Dashboard?

  4. spyke (1 comments.) says:

    I can definitely relate here – some things I posted on an older (now dead) site of mine eventually led to a messy divorce…

    Now I’m in a new relationship, and I make sure it’s called “our blog”, and everything I post is out in the open from the beginning

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