Disgruntled Movable Type User?

May 14th, 2004

I have refrained from making any suggestions so far, but I have to promote WordPress. If you are a Moveable Type user and are unhappy with the recent developments, please take a look at WordPress.

I will not tell you that you should do it because all the “cool bloggers” are doing it, but because the transition will be worth it. WordPress makes it very easy to import your old MT entries and the support forums and the IRC channels are hopping. In addition, the features list keeps growing, a new version 1.2 is around the corner and development is very, very active. There are some very good resources available on the web to make this transition.

More info about the move from Movable type to WordPress

Redirecting MT URIs

More ways to redirect MT URIs

Even more ways to redirect MT URIs

A comparison of MT and WordPress (older comparison, I should redo this)

More links as and when I find them. Let me know if I can help in any way.




  1. milhouse (1 comments.) says:

    teste :mrgreen:

  2. Ruby Sinreich (3 comments.) says:

    I am very strongly consdiering moving my community blog ( to WP. I can’t find any information about the various user levels. Would WP allow me to require registration for commenters?

  3. Mark (58 comments.) says:

    New users can register with wp-register.php. Then you (as an admin) click the “+” next to their name on the Team page in admin to upgrade their level to 1 or more, so they can post. If you don’t want an user to post anymore, just click “-” until their level is 0.

    Note: you can now disable users registration altogether from the config file.

    User Levels

    * 0 – new user: can’t post.
    * 1 – user: can post & edit/delete their own posts.
    * 3 & higher – admin: can post, edit/delete other people’s posts, and change the options.
    * Any user whose level is higher than 1, can edit/delete the posts and change the level of users whose level is inferior. Example: a level 2 user is not an admin, but can edit the posts of level 1 users, and up the level of a new user from 0 to 1.

    Usually, you’ll want to have a team of only level 1 users except you. ;)

    Comment registration is not built into the WordPress code yet. You will need to find a hack to do that (I dont know of one for 1.2 yet)

    Hope this information is somewhat useful.


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