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I came across this site on my own little box of ads (though I did not click on it, just typed in the URL). There is a new Internet Explorer RSS plug-in called “Pluck”. It is available at and is free to download and use (for now). There are some interesting and cool features and some which are just lacking.

I like the fresh interface, but found to difficult to add feeds.
I still like the book style reader pane of Feeddemon much more, though Pluck is free and FeedDemon is not.
There is no ATOM support (yet) in Pluck.
The reader itself is VERY basic, giving you the ability to add, browse and group feeds. No Frills at all.

I think this might be a good alternative to paying for a Feed Reader. Please leave your thoughts on this software if you have used it or plan to try it out.




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  2. Dave (1 comments.) says:

    To add a feed in Pluck, you just drag and drop the orange XML button into Pluck and voila. Additionally, you can instantly read most feeds just by clicking directly on the button or link. Pluck will always be free – you can count on it.

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