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Mastering Your WordPress 2.7 Theme & Admin Area

December 19th, 2008
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Mastering Your WordPress 2.7 Theme & Admin Area: Tips and Tricks.: Noupe has a nice writeup on mastering WordPress 2.7 Admin and understanding how to use the new features of WordPress 2.7 in your theme. These include 1.1. Enhancing Comment Display – Threading, Paging, etc. 1.2. Make this post sticky 1.3. Post Classes 1.4. wp page menu 1.5. Logout Link 2.1. Keyboard Shortcuts for browsing and moderating comments 2.2. Reply to and Edit comments from Admin Area 2.3. Edit comments from Admin Area 2.4. Allow plugin installations via web interface from Admin Area 2.5. Admin’s new Navigation Menu 2.6. Interesting Dashboard Modules: QuickPress & Recent Drafts 2.7. Quick Edit Option in Admin area 2.8. Auto Close Comments And Trackbacks 2.9. Bulk Edit Posts I wish there were anchors or separate pages to link directly to each piece, but alas they are all lumped together. This is a nice read nonetheless.

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