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WordPress Version 2.8.3 Security Release

August 3rd, 2009
WordPress, WordPress Security

Weren’t we just talking about upgrading to the latest and greatest version of WordPress just yesterday?  Well today Ryan Boren has just posted at the blog about the release of the WordPress 2.8.3 Security Release.  As he mentions in the posting this fix is related to the privilege escalation issues in version 2.8.1. What he says next is the real reason why WordPress is so popular and well supported: Luckily, the entire WordPress community has our backs.  Several folks in the community dug deeper and discovered areas that were overlooked.  With their help, the remaining issues are fixed in 2.8.3. Ryan is right – it is the community that looks after each other.  Where else would you have such a diverse and talented group who points out any issues instead of just taking them public even though it would draw a lot of attention and maybe fame for themselves?  […]

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