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Bloggers Are So Wrong About Media

January 15th, 2006

Bloggers Are So Wrong About Media I’m interested in health and wellness. Where do I go to find the best blogs on this topic? Technorati? Even in the very unlikely event I’ve heard of Technorati (the name is so off putting), a search of Health and Wellness produces a list of random blog posts, including many in Asian languages. That is what vertical blog aggregation/news collection services are becoming so popular. Blogs and blogging were part of evolution of media 1.0, tags, aggregation and memeorandum are a notch above (web 2.0?). Blogs are not the end-all for traditional media, but I dislike the fact that doom-sayers look at a possible problem and never turn to look at possible solutions. Why can’t traditional media and popular dynamic media complement each other?

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