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Vista WordPress Gadget

April 12th, 2007
Cool Scripts, WordPress, WordPress Hack

Vista WordPress Gadget: Get easy access to the core WordPress activities on your Windows Vista machine with this Vista Gadget for WordPress. Installation and setup should be simple. I was working on a gadget to pull the Planet’s feed but all work came to a grinding halt when I realized that Vista would not work with Cisco LEAP at school (by design I understand, LEAP is too weak) and with Safenet SoftRemote for work. So now it resides on an abandoned hard drive waiting for vendors to come up with solutions. I had it on my laptop for a total of three weeks and beside the atrocious memory requirements, was quite impressed with the product. Sidebar Gadgets are my favorite new feature in Vista and there are some terrific resources to build gadgets for those that are so inclined.

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