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Thesis Adopts a Split GPL License


Thesis has officially adopted a split GPL license, putting an end to the explosive debate between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Thesis developer Chris Pearson¬†which launched a community-wide discussion on the GPL and WordPress themes. To clarify the split GPL license, Chris Pearson adds, “the PHP is GPLv2 and the CSS, JS, and images are proprietary.” Specifically, this means that Thesis no longer violates the GPL of WordPress and the several plugins that Thesis was based on. Matt Mullenweg was thrilled to hear the news, replying with, “Now, back to work. This has taken a lot of my time over the past few days and was going to consume more if it went forward.” It is unknown if this will have any affect on Mr. Pearson’s business. ¬†While the split GPL license now allows the core of Thesis be redistributed by a third-party either free or for a fee, the […]

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What’s Your Take On the GPL Argument Between Matt and Thesis?


If you have been on Twitter today, you might have come across a huge argument between WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Thesis theme developer Chris Pearson. Matt is unhappy that unlike other premium themes, Thesis does not distribute/sell their themes under the GPL licensing system.

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