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Contributing To The Theme Review Team


Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to not only interview Chip Bennett regarding the new WordPress Theme Review team but I also had a chance to speak with Edward Caissie who is a member of the team. You can listen to the full interview and associated discussion on episode 106 of WordPress Weekly. However, one of the things that came out of that show was the need for community volunteers to help out in the reviewing process. After speaking with Edward, he accepted my request to write a guest blog post explaining how people can contribute to the theme review team. The following was written by Edward Caissie, member of the newly established theme review team. How do I get involved with the WordPress Theme Review Team (WPTRT)? It’s really rather simple. Just follow these steps below. Subscribe to the Theme Review mailing list. Make sure you have a […]

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Congrats DD32

January 13th, 2010

For those that don’t know, DD32 or Dion Hulse has been granted core commit access to the WordPress project. Just from an outside looking in view, I think DD32 is more than deserving of this position as his contributions in and outside of the core have helped many. On new commit messages you might start seeing a familiar name, DD32 aka Dion Hulse. He’ll be initially focusing on the areas he’s already contributed a ton to like automatic upgrades and HTTP. He has been a mentor to many and is not scared to jump into any part of the code keeping a positive outlook no matter how far down the rabbit hole he ends up. If we look deeper into Matts post, this will be a trend for 2010. More people will be granted commit access to the core as a recognition of trust. I think this is a good […]

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