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Automattic Turns 21

May 14th, 2008

Not 21 years old, but that is now the number of people employed by Automattic. As was reported by Ed Sutherland of, Automattic has hired Warwick Poole, former director of systems at Vidavee which was recently acquired by Vignette. According to his job title as “Systemologist” Warwick will be in control of. Keeping the barriers to online publishing low, by scaling the infrastructure which runs,, and other related projects. But that wasn’t enough for me. I sent Warwick an email containing a few questions regarding his title, as well as his role within Automattic. Here are his responses. Jeff – First off, congratulations on becoming the 21st employee for Automattic. Warwick – Thanks, I am very pleased to be involved with Automattic. Jeff – Mind telling us how this all came about? Warwick – I am a longtime WordPress user. So I have known about the […]

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