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Andrew Nacin Explains Post Formats In Detail

January 27th, 2011

While I’m pretty excited about the Post Formats feature slated for WordPress 3.1, developers have been taken aback by the lack of flexibility or customization that can be performed with them. Many developers have been wondering how these post formats can be extended or how they can add some of their own. Although WordPress has always had hooks and filters to customize features added into the core, Post Formats strays from that routine by strongly discouraging straying from the standardized post formats. Andrew Nacin, a WordPress core developer outlines why Post Formats work the way they do. It’s important to note that Post Formats won’t be for everyone. With term names and such, we went through great lengths to ensure formats were as portable as possible. The idea behind the feature is this standardization and portability for a segment of bloggers. Many designers of themes used for microblogging wanted this […]

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What Are Your Theme Standards?


On a thread within the WPTavern forum, there is an interesting discussion taking place among some prominent theme authors on creating a theme standards system. The initial idea is to create a standards system which would give theme authors a goal to shoot for. However, as the discussion has progressed, it’s easy to see that this entire idea of rating themes or putting together a set of standards is a complex problem. So after reading through that thread, I thought it would be a good idea to tap into the WordPress community to figure out what is most important to you when it comes to using a theme? Is it price, license, design, usability, functionality, or something else?

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