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Posterous to Shutdown on April 30

February 15th, 2013
Blogging News

Some of you may remember that Posterous was acquired by Twitter almost a year ago. At the time, the future of the service was in doubt, and they have just announced today that the service will be shutting down on April 30. If you’re still with Posterous, it’s not too late to move your blog elsewhere. If you prefer hosted blogging services, like Posterous, you can move to following this guide and Squarespace following this guide. If you’d rather have more control over the hosting and permanence of your content, it might be time to find yourself a hosting provider so you can install and run WordPress yourself and use this importer to bring over your Posterous content. Don’t delay! The service will be completely shutting down on April 30, which means that you will not be able to edit or even view your Posterous blog past that date.

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