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Move from Splinder to WordPress

January 11th, 2012
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Splinder, a popular Italian blogging service, will be closing its doors on January 31st. If you’re Splinder user in need of a new home, fear not! Moving to WordPress is super-easy. If you want to try a similar hosted blogging service, has you covered with a new importer, a handy guide, and free support if something goes wrong. If you think it’s time to host your own blog, you might be interested in running a self-hosted blog. There are no Splinder importers for yet, but you can import to a blog, then export the resulting blog to any installation. Before you choose between and, make sure that you review the differences between the two. Having been through two similar service closures myself, I recommend moving your Splinder blog as soon as possible. When those doors shut, they tend to shut for good, and you […]

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