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Matt Cutts On Securing WP

January 22nd, 2008
LinkyLoo, WordPress Security

Matt Cutts has published an article which highlights three different ways to secure your WordPress installation. The first tip involves locking down your Admin directory. Matt configures his .hatccess file so that only his IP address is allowed to access the WP-Admin directory. For the second tip, you should create a blank index.html file to place into your wp-content/plugins directory. Not doing so allows your plugin folder to be wide open, giving nosy people an idea as to what plugins you have installed. Matt’s third and final tip involves subscribing to the official WordPress development blog – As we should all know by now, this is the best way to stay up to date. Matt also offers a bonus tip where he suggest removing the line of code within your header.php file that publishes your WordPress version. All of these are excellent tips. But what do you do to […]

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