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WordPress As Riskiest Web Software In 2010

January 4th, 2011
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Trend Micro which is an anti-virus company announced their most dangerous list for 2010. Just about everything mentioned in the list has a strong correlation with market share and size which tends to make them more dangerous. This is especially apparent when Trend Micro lists Google as the most dangerous website thanks to its popularity for blackhat-SEO schemes which lead to malware infected sites. However, as for Website Software, Trend Micro labeled WordPress as the riskiest web software used in 2010: The riskiest software used by websites in 2010 was the popular blogging platform WordPress. Tens of thousands of un-patched WordPress blogs were used by cybercriminals for various schemes, primarily as part of redirection chains that led to various malware attacks or other blackhat search engine optimization (SEO)-related schemes. I beg to differ. While WordPress certainly made the headlines this year as webhost after webhost became the target of attacks, […]

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