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Prologue Undergoes Updates

January 31st, 2008
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Prologue, the theme that mimics Twitter like functionality has undergone a series of updates. The updates are as follows: The front page now shows a stream of recent updates instead of one update per user Pages now have their own template and look much better Avatars are only shown once for sequential posts by the same author (front page and tag pages) Post titles are no longer empty, they are generated based on the beginning of each post Works out of the box for 2.3.2 Probably the biggest update is the fact that Prologue now works out of the box for WordPress 2.3.2. It didn’t work before because of a function that was used within the author template which wasn’t available in 2.3.2. Because of these updates, Prologue which is now at version 1.2, will have the changes reflected in Subversion (for self hosted blogs) and is […]

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