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Blogging: Professionalism and passion

December 14th, 2006
Blogging Essays, General

This is the eighth entrant in The Blogging Essay Contest from If you would like to participate, please email me your entry at mark at wltc dot net. Please rate this article using the star system below. The competition will be judged primarily on the input from readers like you. Thank you.This is written by Steven Hodson from I’ve tried several times to start this essay using various hot ticket items as a starting point and in the end I hit the delete button and come back to the why’s and wherefore’s of why I started blogging. Not that the idea of sharing my thoughts or points of view was anything new for me. After all when you’ve been around computers as long as I have; going on the better part of 20 years, you see a lot of the next big thing‘s come and go. Long before […]

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