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Theme Designers And Print.CSS


Here at WeblogToolsCollection, we see quite a bit of WordPress theme releases coming through our inbox and I’ve noticed a trend. Hardly any of them include printing support. The question I’d like to have answered is why? Is adding printer support to WordPress themes too hard? Does adding this feature take up time? Or is it that this feature is barely any use to anyone? For those wanting to add this type of support to your theme, you can install WP-Print. WP-Print picks up where most theme authors have left off by providing printing support in such a way that end users can print either articles or comments, depending on how you have configured the plugin. In fact, doing a search on the plugin database for the keyword of “print” brought up two pages worth of search results. Another solution for you theme authors out there is called Bunny’s Print […]

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Printer Friendly Codex

February 23rd, 2008

One of the most annoying issues I have with the Codex is the lack of a printer friendly link. There are plenty of times where I and many others would like to print out an article to keep handy for use later on, or to keep right in front of you as you are performing the steps to a particular set of directions. I was going to work on adding this printer friendly link to the Codex via CSS but thanks to Jeremy Clarke who appeared on episode 6 of the WordPress Weekly podcast, I now know of a way to enable this functionality. As it turns out, you can register an account with the Codex website. For whatever reason, I’ve never noticed this until it was pointed out to me. Once I registered an account, I saw a wealth of options that I hadn’t seen before. After clicking on […]

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