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What would you like in a WordPress Plugin?


If you are a WordPress user, plugins should not be new to you. The WordPress Extend lists over 5800 plugins with over 40 million downloads. Plugins range from the obscure but ubiquitous Hello Dolly to the almost essential Akismet and All in One SEO pack. The most popular plugins are the ones that provide a necessary service and have become part of our daily lives. As I blog, I want to do certain things with my blog. When I first started with WordPress, my Sortable Nicer Archives plugin (Please do not use it, it has gone by the wayside. The plugin lives on in hacked form on our archives.) was a necessity for me because I wanted a cleaner form of archives. I scratched my itch and hacked together something that worked for me. I also needed a way to backup my WordPress database automatically and thus the WordPress DB […]

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